Land cover statistics


Global, regional and country trends 2000–2019.

Year of publication: 2021
Place of publication: Rome, Italy
Pages: #16 p.

Author: FAO
Serial Title: FAOSTAT analytical briefs

Series number: 37
Publisher: FAO
Agrovoc: land cover; land cover mapping; land cover change; analysis; trends; statistics.


Land cover statistics provide information on the bio-physical aspects of the land surface. They codify the observable features of its living and non-living components, including natural and managed ecosystems such as croplands, forests, and urban areas, into simplified classes such as herbaceous crops, tree-covered areas and built-up areas.

This analytical brief presents global, regional, and country results of land cover statistics, with a focus on classes relevant for food and agriculture, in particular herbaceous crops. For each land cover class analysed, results are presented for the three individual land cover sources used and summarized in terms of the resulting means and associated errors.

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